Multi-Use Acrylotex

Acrylotex Decorative Pavement Coating


Acrylotex is a unique, durable acrylic coating and overlay system designed for strong, long-lasting decorative protection on asphalt and concrete surfaces.  Acrylotex provides amedium texture, non-skid surface ideal for applications such as: 



Acrylotex, an affordable decorative and functional pavement coating for application on asphalt and concrete surfaces.  It is much more durable and permanent than paint and stain and is less expensive to maintain than pavers and decorative concrete.

  • Textured, slip resistant surface for pedestrian walkways
  • pedestrian bridges
  • pathways
  • station plazas
  • architectural accents
  • entrances
  • patios
  • courtyards
  • pool decks
  • golf paths
  • jogging paths
  • median areas
  • parking lots

Strategic color selections can help create walkways and pathways to “nudge” desired pedestrian traffic flows.  Acylotex decorative pavement is fully pigmented to provide aesthetically pleasing colors that harmonize with surrounding areas.

  • Create beautiful patios, walkways, pool decks, steps and driveways that are attractive, practical, protective and economical.
  • Durable, slip resistant surface designed to beautify new and existing concrete or asphalt.
  • Choose from 9 standard colors or from a wide assortment of custom color combinations.
  • Superior adhesion characteristics prevent flaking and peeling on both concrete and asphalt.
  • Can be applied over stained concrete surfaces to restore the look without costly replacement.
  • Unique color formula makes Acrylotex surface color pigments resistant to fading from UV exposure.
  • Mildew resistant, non-toxic acrylic will not harm plants or animals.


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