Tennis Tutor #4

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These are the original battery-powered machines that can be taken to any court without worrying about an electrical outlet. Patented technology, combined with over 23 years experience and refinement, has made these machines #1 worldwide. One Year Parts and Depoit Service Warranty. Rotating throwing-wheel operation, superior maintenance-free polyurethane throwing wheels, fold-up ball hopper that holds 150 balls, electronic control panel for all functions, exclusive anti-jam ball-feed mechanism, 10-second start-up time delay, built-in HD lead-acid sealed battery with 4 – 6 hours typical playing time, 12-18 hours typical full-batter recharge time. 10-85 mph ball speed, 1 1/2 – 12 second shot interval, built-in random horizontal oscillator, adjustable ball trajectory – groundstrokes to lobs. The MODEL 4 includes a two-function wireless remote control and a 2-line oscillation function that automatically shoots to two preset court positions on each side (wide & narrow).

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Weight 49 lbs