Pro Platform One-Sided System with All Green Stance Mat and Tee-Shot Tall Fiber Hitting Surface

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Product Description

The Pro Platform Modular Golf Mat System combines the features desired by golfers and facility owners alike. It has the feel of natural grass and is extremely durable and cost effective to own. Your range customers will appreciate the “De-Shock” difference. Molded rubber frame components are held together by and underside interlock. Can easily convert from a single-sided to a double-sided system with the molded rubber underside interlock. Generous 20″W x 40″L Hitting Surface. Provides the truest ball flight of any synthetic golf mat. 63″x49″. Tee-Shot Tall fiber is Tufted Nylon 6 Turf with shock-wave rubber pad. All Pro Platform Stancs Mats and De-Shock Hitting Surfaces incorporate 9lb density closed-cell rubber foam shock pads and feature the Superior ProTurf Lamination System. They are extremely durable! Note: Discounts are available on orders of 12 units or more.

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Weight 134 lbs