Playmate GENIE PC Ball Machine

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Product Description

The Playmate GENIE PC is the state-of-the-art in ball machines. Take the GENIE machine and add the wireless controller. The wireless controller allows you to save and recall an endless assortment of drills at the touch of a button. It can throw 8-shot combinations allowing you to teach groups of students or focus on a single player. There’s no more fumbling around with knobs and switches with the GENIE PC. Just select one of your drills or one of ours and hit Send. Complex drills can be setup effortlessly in a matter of seconds. Key features: Wireless, waterproof, 8 programmable shots, 8 shot delays, endless saved drills, programmable random shot sequence, includes many standard teaching and personal use drills, create drills at home or at the office using Remote Display Control download, extra long battery life, variable topspin and backspin, 7 position programmable electronic direction with programmable random, variable electronic height, user-friendly, Serve Lift friendly, 2 function remote control. 3 year limited parts warranty.

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Weight 85 lbs