Innovator Plus 5-Gang Picker

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Product Description

All Innovator Pickers are made to last! Thermoplastic alloy compound increases flexibility and extends disc life (35% denser than previous material). Heavier plating minimizes chipping and rust problems. Large, lubricated, steel yoke barrels provide a solid nin inches of surface to minimize wear. No bearings or bushings to replace. Drum frames formed with rounded corners to increase strength and minimize damage to netting, fences, yardage markers, and trees. Adjustable axle brackets eliminate the need to add washers and spacers as required on other units. No front or side wheels. Eliminates the constant maintenance and down time associated with unnecessary tires, wheels, and bearings. Steel tubing is virtually indestructible and designed to allow easy access to ball baskets. Modular construction facilitates the maintenance and/or replacement of all parts individually (bolt on, no welding). 14″ diameter discs decrease wear and turf damage and increase maneuverability, and ground clearance. New split drums allow use of longer five-foot drum sections. Increases maneuverability and turn radius. Actually turns and rolls easier than old three foot drums. Molded high impact slip discs at the center and ends of drum sections eliminate friction and wear and increase maneuverability and drum life. 3″x 1 1/2″ steel frame. 25′ wide. Holds 4500 balls.

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Weight 825 lbs