Running Tracks

Tomko Sports has been installing water-based resin binder track surfaces wince 1990. We are a factory-authorized installer of the PLEXITRAC SYSTEM. Plexitrac is a high performance track surfacing system embodied with today’s most technological advances. PolyResin Technology was specifically developed to provide the ultimate in performance and more importantly, enhanced safety for the athlete while training. Plexitrac’s unique structural matrix of select water-based resins provides a durable, cohesive, non-toxic, environmentally friendly track surface with excellent ultraviolet light resisntance and long term color stability.


Prepare to Compete

Preparation for competition is arduous and demanding. Allowing the athlete to prepare safety for competition is the ultimate objective of Plexitrac. Plexitrac is formulated to minimize musculoskeletal stress and fatigue, reducing the probability of injuries and accidents.

Calibration fo Plexitrac’s safety performance has been achieved over the full range of climatic conditions a runner encounters from 40ºF to 120ºF (4ºC – 49ºC).

This level of performance over such a broad temperature range is characteristic of Plexitrac’s superior PolyResin Technology. There is minimal thermoplastic change. This type of performance is unique, comparing favourably to more expensive urethane systems.

Plexitrac reduces the intensity of impact compared to urethane allowing longer and safer training

PolyResin Technology incorporates environmentally safe water-based resins which meet the rigorous athletic standards set by the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF).

The Diversity of Plexitrac
The Plexitrac system allows for the specification of the type track to meet the demands of the decision makers, athletes and budget. Plexitrac offers three distince all weather track systems. Each level provides unique characteristics and attributes

Plexitrac Lightning is comprised of select black SBR rubber granules bound together with a black pigmented Plexitrac Binder. Lightning is then topcoated with highly pigmented black acrylic finish coast of either Plexitrac Coating or Surfacer for additional long term ultraviolet light stability.

Plexitrac Accelerator offers the highest level of performance for texture, longevity and athletic capability. Accelerator is a highly textured, EPDM surface which provides optimum traction and color intensity. Topcoated with the Acrylic Plexitrac Coating that ensures uniformity and years of ultraviolet light stable color.

Plexitrac System products are available for new installation as well as for retexturing, rejuvenating and enhancing existing asphalt, SBR latex, urethane and Reslite type running tracks.

Service & Support
Plexitrac partners with the finest network of trained field representatives and authorized applicators available in the sports surfacing marketplace. Tomko is well versed in the application techniques and problem solving and are backed by an organization long recognized as the world leader in acrylic sport surfacing systems.

Detailed specifications help to insure that both owner and installer are fully aware of scope of work and that everyone will be satisfied at completion.


Plexitrac, manufactured by California Products Corporation, is a market leader in research & development of chemical and biomechanical properties of track materials., Augmented by scientific research conducted by major universities and institutions, Plexitrac represents the next generation of track surfacing systems.

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