Tomko has been the exclusive dealer for Plexipave and Plexicushion in Western Canada for over 30 years. For over half a century Plexipave Sport Surfacing Systems has been the world’s largest supplier of acrylic tennis court surfaces.

Plexipave is a technologically advanced surfacing system used when only the best will do. Formulated to accommodate all levels of play, the consistency of the Plexipave surface is apparent from novice to professional.

The Durability of Plexipave is second to none. Ultraviolet degradation, severe weather ahd harsh climate are no match for this all-weather surface. Applied on asphalt or concrete, the Plexipave system is a 100% acrylic surface, which will maintain color, ball bounce and a consistent speed of play for years of long lasting service.


Development of the Plexipave system is vital to its continued success as the world’s most demanded acrylic tennis surface. Plexipave Area Managers work closely with the laboratory chemists monitoring and evaluating courts around the world. Whether it is testing the latest surfacing technology or the final inspection of a finished court, the outcome is a surfacing system that consistently outperforms the competition.

Playability is an important factor in the construction of any court. Stronger players, faster serves and advances in equipment have contributed to the evolution of the game. Facility managers, coaches and players agree, it has become more important to play on surfaces that fit all playing styles and provide accurate and predictable ball bounce. Each Plexipave system has been rated by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and is accepted for all levels of international competition.

The Colors of Plexipave courts have significantly changed over the years. In addition to custom mixed colors, alternatives to the popular green included Pro-Purple, Sahara Sand, or California Red. These beautiful, fade resistant colors can compliment surrounding architecture or natural settings, making the court an important element of design.

The Value of Plexipave is determined by its durability and playability. Court installations range from a tournament or resort complex to a small municipal park or residential installation; there are several Plexipave systems available to meet the needs and budget of each facility. The long lasting service and value that is maintained throughout the life of the surface reflects the durability of a Plexipave court.

Plexipave – Specifications & MSDS

Plexipave – Color Combination Options

Plexipave Color Chart

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