Har-Tru is the most popular clay court surfacing in North America. The name Fast-Dry is the generic name chosen for the product by the American Sports Builders Association and is used by the USTA in their book “Tennis Courts”. It is described as Class A-1 type material made of natural stone, crushed, and sometimes blended with a chemical binder to form a homogeneous mixture, which has an affinity for water. Har-Tru is the surface used in almost every clay court in the United States and Canada. It has been made for over 40 years in Charlottesville, VA.


Har-Tru – 60,000 courts, 23 countries, 49 American States. Here are a few reasons why:

– Reduced Injuries – Har-Tru responds to a player’s movements preventing the twisting and jarring that occurs on hard surfaces.
– More Frequent Play – Less physical toll allows players to play longer and recover more quickly.
– Longer Rallies – On Har-Tru, players get to more shots, allowing not just long rallies but more creative, inspiring points.
– Rapid Drying Times – Har-Tru courts stay playable during light rains and dry quickly after thunderstorms.
– Courts That Last – Other courts may crack and bulge but a Har-Tru court moves with the earth below and can last a lifetime.
– Easy To Build – A Har-Tru court can be built almost anywhere, including on top of old, cracked, asphalt courts. Due to the surface’s porous nature it solves run-off control problems and will satisfy impervious surface restrictions in most cases.The HydroCourt is a self-regulating system that is totally adjustable to player preference. Unlike trencher-class systems, where water must migrate several feet between source pipes, the HydroCourt is built with a controlled water reservoir beneath the entire court, eliminating the possibility of surface moisture striping. With the HydroCourt, surface moisture can be increased, decreased, or “pulsed” to provide the greatest range of desired playing conditions.

How the HydroCourt System Works

The HydroCourt is constructed with six individually controlled cells. Each cell is monitored by a separate water filled control box. Water enters the control box and flows through a pipe to cells lined with a chemical resistant 20ml thick hyperplastic liner.

As the water level in the control box rises, the water level in the cell also rises. You control the amount of moisture in the court surface by adjusting the water level in the control box – it’s that simple.

No Down-Time. Play All Day.

Over-watered and under-watered areas are common problems with conventional watering systems. The HydroCourt provides better coverage on the surface by dispensing water more evenly underneath the court.

Because this process is automatic, there is no loss of playing time for afternoon brushing and watering. The court plays the same during the afternoon as it does in the morning, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of more consistent play.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

With the HydroCourt, there is no sprinkler system to maintain. The automatic system of the HydroCourt provides a constant level of moisture which keeps the surface firm and substantially reduces the amount of brushing and rolling needed.

Water Savings at Least 60%

The above-ground watering systems of conventional courts can waste water through malfunction, run-off, and evaporation during the watering cycle. The HydroCourt supplies only the amount of water necessary to keep the surface sufficiently damp. The result is at least 60% savings in water usage.

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