Wilson Machine w/2-Line and Remote

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Product Description

The Wilson Personal Ball Machine from Sports Tutor features vertically-mounted polyurethane throwing wheels that provide topspin and underspin capability, a fold-up ball hopper that holds 110 balls, electronic control panel for all functions, 10-second start-up delay, built-in standard battery with 2 – 3 hours typical playing time and 8 – 12 hours typical full-battery recharge, 10 – 70mph ball speed, 2 – 10 second shot interval, built-in random horizontal oscillator, adjustable ball trajectory – groundstrokes to lobs. The 2-line feature automatically shoots one?ball to the forehand court and then one?ball to the backhand court. This allows two?players to play with the machine at the?same time, or allows a single player to?practice alternating forehand and?backhand shots. One year parts and service depot warranty. Includes remote.

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Weight 49 lbs