Volleyball Tutor Machine – Gold Model – Auto Feed with Rechargeable Battery

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The Gold Model weighs in at less than 35?pounds, and has a built-in?carrying handle for portability. The compact?design makes it simple to?store between practices in the equipment?room, or even in the trunk of a car.?? The Gold Model, which includes an?attachable Extended Ball Track, can?automatically feed up to six volleyballs at?intervals ranging from six to twenty?seconds. This frees a coach or player from?being the designated ball feeder. It also?makes it possible for players to practice on?their own, either at the gym or even at?home in the backyard. Not long ago baseball pitching machines?were a novelty. Today, no serious baseball?program would be without one. Volleyball?Tutor can give you a competitive edge right?now. Tomorrow, you may need Volleyball?Tutor just to be competitive. The Gold Battery Model is similar to the?Gold Model except that it runs off its own?12V rechargeable battery that lasts several?hours per charge. It comes complete with?battery and charger. A foot-operated remote control is available?on the Gold Model which provides control?of the ball feed from as far away as 40?feet. This allows a coach to start and stop?the ball delivery from almost any position?on the court.

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Weight 36 lbs