Shotmaker Deluxe w 2 Function Remote Control

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The Shotmaker Deluxe is a top-of-the-line professional ball machine. Its power and versatility will challenge players at any level, including professionals. The case is made of high impact injection-molded plastic and powder-coated aluminum for strength and rust resistance. The electric motors are all H.D. commercial grade and maintenance free. Comes with a large 300-ball capacity, 10-95 mph ball speed, 1-6 second shot interval, adjustable spin from heavy underspin, flat, to heavy topspin, random and 7 line programmable oscillator functions. The Shotmaker Deluxe features “Player Mode” and “Shot Program Memory”. With the push of the “Player Mode” button you simulate a player on the other side of the net. The side-to-side position and depth of each shot are not simply changed in a random or sweeping motion, but are computer programmed to simulate the shot patterns of real players. You can choose Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced options which automatically picks an appropriate speed and spin, then changes both the side-to-side position and the depth of shots. The “Shot Program Memory” lets you store up to nine shot programs that can be recalled at any time. You select the settings on the control panel including speed, elevation, spin, interval, and shot pattern. A two-function wireless remote control is included. Two year parts and service depot warranty.

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Weight 96 lbs