Playmate GENIE Ball Machine

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Product Description

With the Playmate Chameleon series, we’ve added flexibility to one of the most durable, dependable ball machines in the world – to upgrade your practice, just upgrade your controller. Standard features on all machines: Holds 300 balls, variable electronic ball speed (10 – 90 mph) and feed rate, variable topspin and backspin, 7 positions programmable electronic direction with programmable random, variable electronic height, user-friendly controller, Serve Lift friendly, 2 function remote control (On/Off with drill reset), aircraft aluminum construction, 3-year limited parts warranty. The GENIE is a powerful tool for teaching tennis. Realistic game situations with up to 7 shots can be practiced. Groups of students can practice drills such as ground-stroke, approach, lob to 2 lines with balls feeding as fast as one ball every 1 1/2 seconds. If you are practicing at home, you can throw 2 ground strokes, followed by an approach shot, followed by a volley, followed by a lob. Key features: 7 distinct programmable shots, 7 shot delays, programmable random shot sequence, great for enhancing ball recognition skills, upgradeable/interchangeable controller. 3 year limited parts warranty.

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Weight 85 lbs