Home Plate Auto-Feed Baseball or Softball Pitching Machine

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Product Description

The HomePlate pitching machine can stimulate almost any pitcher that you are likely to face. It can throw a 90-mph fastball, followed by a 75-mph curve followed by a change-up, followed by a slider. And it can do it all automatically with only seven seconds between pitches. You can program your selected pitches into the HomePlate machine, then select RANDOM pitch in order to stimulate a pitcher for the game-like practice. The HomePlate machine can also throw stored pitches in sequential order, or you can practice repeatedly against any individual pitch. The programmable feature of the HomePlate machine opens up endless new possibilities for drills that target specific hitting skills. You can store up to eight different pitches in each of eight different programs (up to 64 total pitches). Patented 3-wheel delivery system for superior accuracy and reliability. Innovative sound and light system designed to help batters time pitches. Create-A-Pitch programmable control system. 50 – 90 mph in 5 mph steps. Note: Adding this item to your shopping cart will not be reflected in the final total. Please call for a detailed quote.

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Weight 180 lbs