Sports Facility Construction


Since 1978, Tomko has surfaced over 7500 tennis courts – servicing the Western Canadian market. Today we are the largest Tennis Court Company in Canada. With our surfacing experience and from being the “last” contractor on the job, we continually see mistakes made by others throughout the construction process and have gained the expertise to handle Court Construction projects from start to finish. Our role is usually determined by the customers’ need. We handle all stages of construction including; Initial consultation, recommendation of proper specifications and qualified excavators / asphalt & concrete contractors, fencing / surfacing / court equipment supply & installation. Some customers want us to handle the entire project from start to finish while most prefer to handle the “Foundation” (Excavation + Asphalt or Concrete) portion, then to have us finish the project off by completing the Fence, Surface & Equipment. This is usually the most cost effective while ensuring your court is built properly and in a timely manner. It is our hope with 35 years of experience and our reputation as a quality court builder, we will be considered to assist with your project.



Due to the growth in home building / subdivision development and highway paving / downtown concrete building construction, many contractors are not interested in doing “smaller” jobs anymore – their opportunity cost is simply too high. It is true this will encourage new entrants to these markets, however this takes time and also has pitfalls when it comes to quality control and the expertise needed to build proper sport court / tennis court bases. This is a problem since before this latest boom, there were only a handful of paving contractors that were able to do a good job building tennis courts – most of which are too busy to take on these jobs today. This means customers wanting to have well built courts find themselves having to pay a premium or acting as a general contractor themselves for this base work. In cases where owners are too busy and not comfortable with running this type of jobsite, we specialize in every area of court construction.


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